Brains By Bri is the educational school associated with Bodies By Bri that offers informational courses to help busy individuals improve their fitness at their own pace. Muscles are not area of the body that needs training... training your brain is essential to optimize your health and quality of life! Understanding how to properly perform exercises, what diets to avoid, and strategies to stay motivated will accelerate your fitness journey. This school with provide you with all of the knowledge you need to maximize your physical and mental abilities!

About The Brand

Hi, my name is Bri Rowe and I founded Bodies By Bri to provide elite level fitness training and education to help people around the globe improve their lives. My philospohy as a fitness professional is to TEACH not train so my clients can actually achieve long term success that is both practical and enjoyable.

Qualified Trainer

With a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and multiple professional certifications, I apply evidence-based fitness and nutrition tactics to help clients meet their individual goals.

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Continuing Education

To become a better coach and exercise scientist, I am currently pursuing my masters degree in Applied Physiology at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.


Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science

NSCA Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

The Breakaway Course

What makes this course different from the rest of the Fitness Courses out there? It's designed to produce long-term results! The fitness and nutrition information being presented on social media, blogs, and random websites is conflicting, unsupported, and most of the time inaccurate. This course will help you to pick apart popular fitness and diet fads along with teaching you how to create long term success!